Power up Your Business: Reliable Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

At Cooper’s 24 Hour Power Plant, you will get a true sense of electricity issues that are common in industries and businesses. An IT system failure means that you are unable to operate, and that stall translates to a loss of time, and therefore, operational loss. This is why, at Coopers, we provide all encompassing electrical solutions guaranteed to meet your business premises’ needs at any time of the day or night in a week.

Our team of highly experienced and licensed electricians is skilled in the following:

  • New installations and repairs: Whether you are opening a new building, adding new space to an existing facility or remodeling it, our electricians will be able to help you meet all electrical installation requirements.
  • Preventive maintenance: It is crucial to address the issues related to the electrical system as early as possible because repairs are very expensive. In the same progression, our emergency team works round the clock to help control the extent of the loss and bring your business back online as soon as possible as this may take only a few hours.
  • Power Distribution and Switchboard Upgrades: An effective power distribution mechanism is crucial so that power is supplied to your equipment because land assembly is a challenge. We can provide our clients with our professional services for designing, installation and servicing of electricity distribution as well as switchboards to ensure the supply of electrical power to various areas of your business premise is efficient yet safe.
  • Lighting solutions: Choosing the intensity and type of lighting affects business productivity, safety, and, therefore, employee motivation. With our expertise in energy efficient lighting we can provide energy efficient lighting solutions unique to your organizational needs that cut on the costs at the same time promoting a healthier work climate through bright working atmosphere.
  • Data & Communication: We can provide new installation or remedial works of data and communication cabling system for the efficient provision of signal and data transmission in your premises.

Why Should You Hire Cooper’s 24 Hour Electricians for Your Business and Industries Services?

  • Local Expertise & Trust: Established as a family business with a good track record of offering services to local clients, we appreciate the needs of business owners in the area.
  • 24/7 Emergency Response: As much as we’d like electrical emergencies to occur during the day and during business hours, they never do. That is why the company offers services of licensed and seasoned electricians who can provide round the clock services to attend to any electrical problem that may arise.
  • Safety Focus: Our team is extremely careful when it comes to the safety policy, and only the best quality of building materials and equipment are used.

To Choose the Proper Equipment for Your Company!
For your free consultation, contact Cooper’s 24 Hour Electrical to book a technician. Please allow our skilled electricians to explain to you the details on your commercial or industrial electrical services.