Experience Convenience and Luxury with Motorised Blinds
Cooper’s Electrical is proud to provide a range of motorised blinds that feature convenience, luxury and style. Picture being able to adjust your window treatments easily using a button or even voice command.

Easy Control:

  • Remote Control: These motorised binds are remote controlled. You can control them from anywhere in the room.
  • Smart Home Integration: Motorised binds can be operated by your voice. Upgrade your home with these binds and enjoy seamless smart homes just like Google home or alexa. You will definitely like hands free experience.
  • Schedule Operation: You can schedule the operation of your binds like opening and closing time. This feature of scheduling can be utilized during the sense of occupancy when you are away from home and wish to take care of the efficiency.

Benefits of Motorised Binds:

  • No more dangling cords, motorised binds are dafe to use at homes. They give safer environment for pets and kids.
  • Motorised blinds are a welcome development for individuals that face movement difficulties and help them adjust privacy and lighting with minimal effort.
  • The fluid operation which is also automated brings about a feeling of class in your home.

Our Collection:

We at Cooper 24/7 electrical offer a wide range of motorised binds suiting your taste and requirements:

  • Roller binds: Available in different colours, texturtes and have capabilities of blackouts too. This altogether makes it a classic and flexible choice.
  • Venetian Binds: They are sleek and modern ones, excellent for light control and privacy.
  • Roman Binds: These binds are soft in texture, comes in different colours. They give luxurious feel and fabric.

Discuss with our helpful employees about which motorized blinds will go well for your abode and ask them any questions. In order to facilitate a smooth process we also provide installation services at a professional level.You will love the comfort and luxury that comes with electric window coverings when you shop at our store located at Coopers 24/7 Electrical.