Keep Your Business power-driven: Comprehensive Electrical Upgrades

At Cooper’s 24 Hour Electrical we comprehend that electrical network of the building is the backbone of the business. The existing electrical installations might become inadequate or even a hazard to your operations due to safety issues, shortages, or scheduling issues, which may result in power outages. That is why our portfolio of electrical upgrade services is vast, covering all facets in response to the dynamic demands of your commercial and industrial building.

Our experienced and licensed electricians specialize in a variety of electrical upgrades, including:

  • Panel Upgrades: We also can determine the current panel condition and advise on the best course of action to safely and reliably advance the service to the changing requirements.
  • Wiring Upgrades: We can start by doing an extensive survey of wiring at your premises so as to identify any bare wiring and recommend corrective measures that will enable efficient electrical flow within your facility.
  • Lighting Upgrades: It can be suggested to install new LED lighting and offer you our service of changing your outdated lighting system into the LED one that can positively affect the light level and decrease your expenses.
  • Power Distribution System Upgrades: Over time, as your company expands, you may find that future stages of the power distribution system must be incorporated to provide adequate, safe power in your buildings. You can make the requested change, and we can create and supply a special power distribution upgrade plan for you.
  • Safety System Upgrades: We are able to compare your existing safety programs to industry standards in order to help determine if any modifications are required to effectively improve the electrical safety of your work environment.
  • Data & Communication Cabling Upgrades: Our team can evaluate the cabling systems you have installed and show you which ones can be modified to efficiently transport the data and address other needs of the company.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Electrical System with Cooper’s 24 Hour Electrical:

  • Improved Safety: Over time, electrical systems degrade and may lead to electrical hazards in the workplace and constant upgradation reduces this probability and hence creating a safer workplace.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Today’s electrical installation work is more efficient thus less energy is used and costs of doing are low.
  • Increased Capacity: This may be used to upscale the electrical capacity of the facility to enable the infrastructure meet rising loads expected of business processes.
  • Extended Lifespan: Maintenance troubleshooting of your electrical system can assist in prolonging the durability of your electrical devices, cuts expenses on repairs.
  • Peace of Mind: Being ready to avoid the electrical hazards in your company and to provide sufficient electricity to serve your company’s needs without interruption.

Our team comprises electrical professionals who will visit your business premises to evaluate your current electrical needs and advise you on the most appropriate upgrading program to meet your business needs and ensure that you continue to enjoy efficient operations. Whether it is a switch, installation or a repair issue, we are here for you all round the clock so that you may focus on your business.